Have You Blogged Today?

Why Blog

Today we live in a world that changes daily. I know that it is crazy when I think of the changes that have occurred during my lifetime.

One of these is what has happened in the social media world. It seems that there are no longer secrets really and that anything seems to be fair game. You can go to Facebook and announce that you are having a cup of coffee. What there is about this that anyone feels is either interesting or news is beyond me, but it happens regularly.

The same sort of thing can be said about blogging. You can decide to write down anything in the world and publish it as a blog. Whether or not anyone ever reads it seems not to be important. The important and exciting thing is that you can get off your chest anything at all and then feel wonderful afterwards.

One really good reason to blog is that it is a chance to be yourself and have no restraints. You don’t have to sit in judgment or even be concerned about what is spewing forth. It is just good fun.

Daily Blogging

One of the fun things for me is to make sure I blog every day. I don’t make any attempt to have any order or sequence whatsoever. I just write whatever comes out and let it go at that. By doing it every day I find it fascinating what my funny mind will cough up if I just sit at the computer and let the fingers wander without plan or concern. Often it is hogwash and I know it will not be read by anyone, or if it is it will just contribute to their already established feeling that I am lost in the woods somewhere.

So by blogging every day I find that there are times I feel I really have something interesting to say. There are times I would like to reach specific people and let them know how I feel. There are times when I am just amused at myself sitting at the computer doing this funny thing which really has no purpose and often no result other than just relieving me of something that was wandering around and needed to get out.

Blogging Joy

When you add the addiction to your list it can become a real joy to indulge it. It is also nice to think that addictions such as gambling, drinking, smoking etc which we know are not great things to have or do can be taken over with blogging. It is possible to use this habit in such a way that it occupies you when you need occupying. It can keep you from doing things you know you should not do if you want to use it for that.

However, I feel that the most exciting thing about blogging is that can be and is just plain fun. You can sit and smile at the junk you are typing and not worry but just go ahead and publish it anyway.


Join me and blog every day. You will all of a sudden realize that li

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